Self-Massage booklet for MONDORF DOMAINE THERMAL
Ideal to relieve all tension caused by the frantic pace of everyday life, the self-massage technique is an easy solution to apply at home or in the office. As the key points of the body are stimulated, the balance of energy flows is restored and the major functions of the body (respiration, circulation and digestion) are revitalised. The techniques presented here will help eradicate pains, fatigue and stress that can affect well-being.
For more than 160 years, known for its spas, Mondorf Domaine Thermal offers today a wide range of activities for your health, well-being and fitness. Since 1847 located in the heart of the domain, the only thermal water source of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the muscle relaxing effect is used since, both for medical treatment as well as for moments of relaxation and recreation.
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