The truth of bioplastics
Bioplastics are not yet an alternative to «normal» plastics. The use of biodegradable plastics can only be considered advantageous in a few specific ranges of application, such as - for example - plastic films needed for agricultural uses which are intended to remain in the ground for a certain period of time and rot in the environment for operational reasons.
_the term «bioplastic» is neither defined nor protected.
_danger of greenwashing.
_The term «compostable» generally refers only to an industrial compostability.
_bioplastics have no place in the environment.
Further information on this subject is available in the study „Biologisch abbaubare Kunststoffe - Eigenschaften Verwendungsfelder, Entsorgung und Verwertung“ commissioned by the Environmental Administration and elaborated by the consulting group Eco-Counsel.

The illustrations were created in collaboration with Lukas Bischoff. Thank you Lukas for the great job!
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