Exhibition on water pollution and how to reduce it

Creating displays showing the most common causes of water pollution - how this impacts our water and how to prevent it.

Our daily lives, without us being aware of it, cause different types of water pollution. Nanoparticles in sunscreen, cosmetics or food; micro plastics in clothes and cosmetics; medication and harmful substances in paints and enamels… all these substances which enter our water system, adversely affect the world’s marine fauna. Because of this water pollution, eating seafood and fish can seriously damage our health. To protect our health and environment, we must raise awareness of how harmful substances are present in our daily lives. With this in mind, the Luxembourg Water Management Authority planned an exhibition on water pollution, its main causes and the possibilities to reduce or avoid it. In this context, Human Made created five displays, each showing one type of pollution, its negative effects and ways to prevent it. Displays were made up of red, yellow and green colours ensuring a clear presentation.

HUMAN MADE – information design, infographics, 3D, illustration and data visualization.

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