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We make your content beautiful and help you educate, engage, and inspire your audience through powerful visual designs. 

  • We make your content beautiful
  • We help you educate, engage, and inspire your audience through powerful visual designs
  • We are passionate about design
  • We are creativity nerds
  • We discover new paths, solve complexity and find the essence
  • We create visualizations for your business
  • We design visual identities that speak to the audience by articulating corporate culture, style, and philosophy
  • We are an agency specialized in infographics and data visualization to help you understand and communicate your data, information and content.

Visual messages surround us everyday. We watch real and fictional stories on television, we view advertisements in magazines and on billboards and we review charts, graphs and tables in books. We consider photographs that we want to display around our home, and we design visual aides to accompany our presentations at work.

Technology has led to explosive growth in the use of images to communicate and understand the world around us. The use of Internet technology has turned business users into active participants that can use words and images to communicate with customers and make their brands more visible to the world.

Throughout all of these activities, we engage with and use visual communication tosend and receive messages. Even though verbal communication, the ability to communicate messages through language, is often viewed as a more important or a more central type of communication, visual communication has many benefits and advantages in both personal and professional

Visual communication of information and data is having an increasing impact on our practical life. In spite of having impact on our life, visual communication is not alone sufficient for exchanging information. So, visual communication is a communication where the ideas and information can be read or viewed through the means of visual aid.

Visual communication is beneficial for many reasons

Transcends language barriers and effective for illiterate receiver

Ambiguities are more common with only oral communication, especially now with globalization, as people from diverse backgrounds and linguistic abilities are working together. If the receivers are illiterate, the visual communication will be more effective to exchange information. They can easily understand the information that is presented visually.


One of the primary benefits from visual communication is immediacy. Visual Communication can bring a thing, location and even and idea to life in dynamic ways.


Another advantage is simplicity. Often visual communication can simplify the information of ideas that you are seeking to pass on to others.


Visual communication can also be more flexible in many ways than verbal communication. Visual communication not only bridges geographic distances, it can span cultural references.

Visuals are memorable

You want your audience to remember your brand story and visuals can help to do this as pictures can convey more of what you want to say. You can make your audience feel a certain way about your brand by what you show and this will help them to remember you. A picture is retained in our memory longer than words or quotes. Research shows that people remember visuals the best, followed by speech, accompanied by reading.

Visuals show you rather than tell you

When visuals are used instead of a simple speech, it makes a person more involved and connected, as visuals are able to pull down most barriers of communication, and open up people. Visual communication is very much popular because people do not like much speech and long explanation rather than a chart of a diagram.

Visuals are fun

You can use an array of visual ideas in your content to convey your brand identity which ultimately helps your target audience identify with you. For example, if they can see you have a sense of humour you will appear more human to them and not just another corporate entity.

Hey! It's better when it's visual 🙂

HUMAN MADE, your experts specialized in visual communication such as information design, infographic design, illustration and data visualization. We make your content beautiful and help you educate, engage, and inspire your audience through powerful visual designs.