Communicate complex ideas

Using illustration and visual metaphor is a great way to communicate an idea, what your product does or how your service works. This could be as simple as an icon that immediately resonates with the viewer, or a more detailed illustration that describes the high-level idea behind a process. It could be something fun that adds a light hearted touch, or something more informative that educates the viewer. Communicating your message is key, illustration is a powerful tool in helping to achieve that.
The power of illustration in brand identity

From simple iconography to detailed scenes, the integration of illustrations can add character and personality to your brand communication tools.
A good illustration has the ability to present any content in a simplified and easily understandable way. Illustrations help the brand to tell its stories in a coherent, recognizable and sustainable way.

Why using illustrations in your communication?

- Because illustrations capture the values and traits of a brand in a single voice, and speak directly to the user. They communicate message, tone and personality quickly and in a way that words can't and that on multiple platforms (web, print, social, etc.).
They quickly communicate message, tone, and personality in a way that words cannot and that on multiple platforms (web, print, social, etc).
- Because illustrations simplify complex concepts and make abstract ideas, accessible in a simplified and easily way.
- Because illustrations helps establish a cohesive, memorable brand identity.
- Because the illustration is a vector graphic, it is faster to edit, easier to resize (no pixilation) and easy to make color changes.
- Because a unique style of illustration makes the brand unique and recognizable.
- Because we understand images from an early age! We don't have to learn the visual language. We humans process the world visually and understand images immediately, long before we learn a language to describe it.
- Because visual language is universal, independent of language, culture and education. Skip language and text barriers with illustrations. An illustration of a tree will be understood and recognized by everyone of any age everywhere in the world.
- Because already the first people communicated visually by means of illustrations (Cave of Lascaux: 17.000 - 15.000 B.C. Egyptian hieroglyphs: 3200 BC.)
- Because human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Communicating with images is in our nature.

What is a “Brand Illustration System”?
A brand illustration system is a collection of illustrations, pictograms, icons and symbols with a cohesive mood and style that clarifies a brand’s identity. An illustration system can also function well on its own, acting as an extension of the brand. Shapes from a logo and color palettes can be incorporated into detailed illustrations to maintain a narrative and help the user recognize who they are interacting with.

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Ludwig Wittgenstain.
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